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The Story of Our Place

Our Place all started with Doc, My daddy. Doc was a brilliant scientist, with a PhD in Biophysics/Physiology. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer type dementia in 2008. My Dad couldn't remember what he did five minutes ago, yet the “feeling” of what happened, he remembers for hours.

My Mom had cancer and often felt weak, leaving her with little energy to care for my Dad. Although my family and I took care of my Dad as best we could, because we were all working, we needed some help.

As we searched for options, we soon found they were limited at best, especially in the Washington County Area. It wasn’t safe for my Dad to be home alone, and he did not qualify for a long term care facility. Besides, we were not prepared to let him go.


What we needed was a place in between. A Place that would soothe our worries and the guilt we felt in leaving him. We were looking for a place that was comfortable, and where my Dad could find purpose and independence. A place where he could make friends and feel at home.

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The process became frustrating because no one place fulfilled all of our needs. With my extensive experience as a nurse in the geriatric field, I asked myself “couldn’t I open my own place?” A place that incorporated all the positive things I saw in the process of looking, as well as some of the things I felt I could do better. In my journey to make this dream come true, I shared my idea with my dear friends who inspired me to make it a reality. With their partnership, we have created OUR PLACE. We are honored that we have the opportunity to serve those who have a story like mine. We welcome you to OUR PLACE.

Jennifer Poff,

Founder & President

As a nurse, I have spent most of my career of 26 years in the geriatric field.  I have taught clinical nursing school in many Intermediate Care Facilities (ICF) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF).  I have also worked as a charge nurse in a variety of geriatric type settings for more than 10 years. I worked as a liaison between the State of Oregon and specific ICF and SNF facilities to remain in compliance with State Inspections and Education. 

As long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a nurse, and take care of people.   I get the most satisfaction in life taking care of others, especially my children and family.  I love serving in my community and have enjoyed many years on the PTO board of Indian Hills Elementary School serving as President, Vice President, and Auction Chairman.


I was Drama Director for many years at IHE, where I wrote and directed several plays and facilitated the students in writing and directing their own plays. I have volunteered in various church positions for more than 30 years, presiding over teachers, the youth and the children.


I love being outdoors, especially in my garden or with my family. I also enjoy walking and yoga.

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Call 503-336-0229 today for more information or to schedule a tour!

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