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Where we all come together

We provide a positive daytime experience for seniors, the disabled, and the memory impaired by promoting self-esteem, dignity, independence, and purpose through enriching activities in a safe place.

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Serving the communities of Hillsboro, Beaverton and surrounding areas.

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Day Time Activities at Our Place

OUR PLACE provides enjoyment, entertainment, and companionship in a senior day time environment. We believe one of the greatest benefits we can offer our seniors and disabled people is engagement with their peers. Our activities are developed with this core belief in mind. Our scheduled programs build consistent routines that our members can count on. They encourage and promote independence, self-worth, and dignity. Participants may choose from two to three activities that are offered simultaneously to give them the ability to decide what best suits them at the time.

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At OUR PLACE, we look for games that can serve multiple functions: entertainment, body strengthening and cognitive stimulation. Board games require our members to exercise their minds as well as interact socially with their peers. Card games are great for cognitive stimulation as well as pattern recognition and social interaction. Video gaming systems (Wii) can incorporate both physical and mental stimulation. Body movement and exercise promote wellness in both body and mind.

Community involvement provides our members with opportunities to further socialize and serve others in a larger population. It brings unity and understanding to the community, by promoting activities that involve all ages and social groups. We bring in community volunteers of all ages, from young school children to high-school teens to interact with our members. Our seniors have a wealth of experience and wisdom to share with those of younger generations.

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Everyone needs a break during a busy day. We schedule times during the day for our members to put their feet up and relax. We may enjoy a nostalgic short movie/TV show together, read and discuss a book or just listen to an old LP. We like to keep our participants busy throughout the day with enjoyable activities but at the same time provide short breaks to recoup.

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Physical Activities

Movement and strengthening activities are an important part of our daily schedule. Being physically active can help our participants stay strong and agile so they can continue to do the things they enjoy. Another important benefit of physical activity is mood improvement and stress relief. Our participants join in a variety of physical activities from strength and resistance training to stretching and flexibility exercises.

Call 503-336-0229 today for more information or to schedule a tour!


We offer delicious and nutritious catered lunches as well as two snacks at no extra charge.  We accommodate special diets and assistance at mealtime is available.

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